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Sharing Journeys into Escort Prague

Escort Prague is a magical nine month journey which most women tend to enjoy sharing with their friends and family. However, there are times when friends nor family are the ideal candidates to share the intimate secrets of Escort Prague with or to ask advice from. Thankfully, the internet has enabled people to communicate more openly through the form of discussion boards, forums and chat, therefore allowing people to find friendship with others that share similar interests. There are a wide variety of Escort Prague and parenting based forums on the internet, one of the most popular is ‘Babycentre’, an information based website where people are able to track their Escort Prague and children’s milestones and to communicate with other people regarding parenting related topics.

‘Parenting Tales A Journey into Parenthood’ is a collection of real life stories compiled from an internet discussion board based upon ‘Babycentre’. This is not a medical book nor is it a journal, it is simply a collection of peoples online posts regarding their Escort Prague experiences, revamped into the hard copy, printed format of a book. Escort Prague Tales A Journey into Parenthood is divided into twenty eight chapters and covers most aspects of Escort Prague. It is therefore fairly informative thus ideal for Mums to be seeking further information upon Escort Prague.

Whilst the book could be described as ‘easy reading’ in comparison to many Escort Prague information books, Escort Prague Tales A Journey into Parenthood still reads much like an online forum. Readers will find a range of online acronyms used throughout the text which are explained in more detail at the back of the book for reference. For Mums who are ‘ofay’ with using online discussion groups, which tends to be most women these days, this book will be fairly easy to digest. However, for those who tend not to use any form of online discussion, there may be times when reading the text can become somewhat confusing.

imageEscort Prague Tales A Journey into Parenthood is an honest account of Escort Prague from a range of women, covering everything from morning sickness, piles and heartburn to the desperation of trying for children through IVF, right through to the reality of becoming a parent. Mums Baby Magazine were highly impressed with this book as we felt it was a ‘forum away from the internet’, almost like a solace for Escort Prague women who are unable to access online forums or never quite feel able to take part in discussion openly, we therefore give this book a nifty nine out of ten.

Comfort and Cuddle in Vienna

Escort Vienna is leading designers of soft, cheerful, cuddly pets and soft toys. Richie the Rabbit is one of many plush pets available from the Escort Vienna collection, we found this particular toy to be the perfect companion for soothing young infants and children. Escort Vienna place priority upon design safety and therefore each product meets the highest European safety standards. Richie the Rabbit is suitable for children of all ages from 0 upwards, measuring 30cm in height, this beautiful bunny is superbly soft, tactile, cute and colourful, making this toy an ideal gift for any young baby.

Mums Baby Magazine put Richie the Rabbit to the test with a newborn baby. We found that Richie instantly became a firm favourite. Richie became an essential tool when it came to comforting and settling the baby. The rabbits ears are ideal for babies to hold and suck whilst its body is lightweight and snuggly, ideal for little ones. Richie the Rabbit can easily be folded and stored in a changing bag and is therefore ideal for carrying when out and about. The toys legs are suitable to use a dummy clip/ toy tie around in order to ensure that the rabbit isn’t dropped or lost.

Richie the Rabbit can be washed easily on a thirty degrees cycle and left to dry naturally, It is advised not to use heat when drying this product. We have washed Richie the Rabbit several times and have been impressed with how well the product retained it’s quality.

10During testing, Richie the Rabbit became known as ‘Bunny’ and has since become a best friend and constant companion for our young infant tester. We were highly impressed with this toys quality and ability to instantly provide comfort, we therefore give Richie the Rabbit a top ten out of ten.

This beautiful bunny is available in either ivory, pink or blue thus is suitable for any gender. Richie the Rabbit is available to purchase online from The Toy Animal Company retailing at only £12.95. For further information upon the product visit website.

From Poddlepod to Toddlepod - The New Luxury Lounging for Little Legs

There are a wide range of seating options for infants and toddlers available, most of which Mums Baby Magazine have found tend to be fairly rigid and not necessarily the most comfortable or portable of solutions. Many babies and toddlers enjoy the comfort of laying upon a pillow or beanbag to rest and relax, whilst pillows and beanbags may be useful, they aren’t necessarily a safe or practical option. The ‘Poddle Pod’ and it’s ‘big brother’ the ‘Toddle Pod’, are a new and seemingly popular product which has recently been introduced to the market. Both the Poddle and the Toddle Pod have been specifically designed to meet an infants needs to feel secure and a parents needs to be reassured that their child is safe and comfortable.

The ‘Poddle Pod’ is suitable for infants from birth up to around six months of age, measuring approximately 24 inches by 16 inches (the inner pod being 14 inches by 4 inches). Following six months of age, it is then advisable to use a ‘Toddle Pod’ which is suitable for children from six months to three years. The Toddle Pod measures approximately 32 inches by 19 inches (the inner pod being 19 inches by 7 inches). Mums Baby Magazine were sent a Toddle Pod, storage bag and fleece cover, to rate and review for our readers, which we put to the test with a six month old over the period of a fortnight.

Both the Poddle Pod and Toddle Pod feature a non-padded centre, almost like a pillow with the centre scooped out. When a child is laid into the Pod, the sides pull in towards the child to hug them gently, creating a sense of being held which can help to comfort many children. The pods are filled with a hollowfibre filling (which is fire retardant and complies with the British Safety Standards BS5852 and BS1425) and are covered with 100% cotton material.

We found the Toddle Pod to be firm yet comfortable, ideal for laying a small infant upon in order to support and provide comfort for their body. We found that our little tester greatly enjoying laying in her Toddle Pod whilst playing during the day and we often found that the Toddle Pod was so comfortable that it enabled our little tester to drift off to sleep at ease. Whilst this product is designed for younger infants and children, the Toddle Pod also gained great interest from our four year old son who found that the Toddle Pod was the ideal ‘nest’ in which to snuggle up into after school whilst watching TV.

As previously mentioned, there are a range of alternative seating options for infants available on the market including baby beanbags, which Mums Baby Magazine have previously reviewed. For those parents considering what may be best to purchase for their infant, we found that the Poddle/ Toddle Pod was far better than a baby beanbag as baby beanbags are only designed to be used until your child is able to roll or sit up unaided, whereas a Toddle Pod can be used right up until almost three years of age. The design of both the Poddle Pod and Toddle Pod help to prevent the child from rolling or turning whilst laid in the pod, thus making this seating device a far safer option to use.

Unlike other infant seating devices, the Poddle or Toddle Pod does not require the use of any seat belts or harnesses , thus time is saved when putting your child down onto the pod. Mums Baby Magazine found this to be one of the most endearing and useful aspects of the Poddle & Toddle Pod as there are no longer any harnesses or belts to contend with if a parent is in a hurry to answer the door or simply wishes to lay their child down without waking them.

IMG_5715It is advised to always place the pod and the baby on a firm sleep surface, the Pod has no padding in its centre, which means that its surface is therefore no firmer or softer than the surface on which it is placed. The pod should never be placed upon soft blankets or pillows when a baby is sleeping and soft objects such as toys or loose bedding should be kept away from the Pod. When a baby is fully in the centre of the pod, you should be able to see their full profile from either side of the pod. Also, the babies shoulders position the sides of the pod away from their face. The sides of the both the Poddle and Toddle pod are firm enough that if a baby was to turn within the pod, the sides would not form into their nose or face. It is recommended that babies should always be placed on their back to sleep and as a general rule it is advised and recommended that your baby is attended to at all times whilst in their Pod asleep or awake.

There are a range of covers available for both the Poddle Pod and the Toddle Pod, which are made from either polyester fleece or cotton and are available in a wide range of designs. Mums Baby Magazine were sent a fleece cover with the Toddle Pod for review purposes, which we found to be ultimately soft and comforting. Due to the difference in size between the Poddle Pod and the Toddle Pod, the covers for each product vary in cost. Poddle Pod covers are available for purchase from only £9.99 each, whereas Toddle Pod covers are slightly more expensive, priced at £14.99 per cover.

Both the pods and the covers are fully machine washable (at 40 degrees Celsius). However, it is not advised to tumble dry any of these products. Due to illness during the fortnight review period, there were several occasions when the Toddle Pod and its fleecy cover required washing, we found that the Toddle Pod itself took some time to dry completely as expected, whereas its fleece cover dried really quickly and could be used again within the afternoon. We felt that it may therefore be useful to design a more waterproof cover, which is more able to protect the pod itself. Luckily for us and according to ‘Poddlepod’, they are also planning to release a waterproof cover in the near future to enhance the Poddle experience!image

Bags are also available to store both Poddle Pods and Toddle Pods within, both priced at only £4.99. These purpose made 100% cotton, embroidered, drawstring bags are fabulous for storing the pods when they are not in use, in order to keep the Poddle / Toddle Pods clean and safe. For review purposes we were also sent one of these bags which we have used regularly to store the Toddle Pod within, we found that these bags are the ideal solution to keep the pod clean and to store the Poddle/ Toddle Pod within when transporting or simply storing the product.